Ecommerce Software Services & Packages

ChattoogaNET ecommerce software services and packages have helped many online merchants to realize the potential of their business, while at the same time improving web store visibility and how shoppers interact with the website. Our advanced ecommerce technology blended with support from our staff of experts, is the perfect solution for businesses of all sizes. Through years of real world experience, thousands of hours of research and testing, and by listening to feedback from users, we are able to provide our clients with the results required to become a successful merchant seller.

We currently use a variety of specific service aspects along with our proprietary ecommerce strategies and technical assistance to achieve the results our clients have come to expect. Through the power of our advanced ecommerce software, shopping cart technology, built-in marketing and SEO, custom web design and a dashboard packed full of tools that make managing your store a breeze, we hope to help you realize your potential for ecommerce success and improve your brand and product exposure.

Ecommerce Packages

Ecommerce Service Details

The various ecommerce service details listed below currently make up the core of our ecommerce solution. We have spent countless hours investing in the development of these core ecommerce aspects, including the feature functionality, usability, aesthetic appeal and speed. To make things convenient for our clients, we have gone beyond just developing technology and tools that are easy to use and deliver results quickly. In addition, we have taken all the guess work out by grouping our services together into affordable ecommerce packages that are designed to meet the needs of different sellers, whether based on industry, company size, number of products, features or budget.

Ecommerce Software

The ChattoogaNET ecommerce software comes complete with most everything a new or existing merchant needs to design, create, configure, customize, open, manage and promote their Online storefront. Each aspect of our software platform is designed to make nearly any process on the back-end administrative dashboard as simple as possible to use and understand. Much of our time is spent making it easy for users of different skill levels to learn, comprehend and feel comfortable using our ecommerce software or tools.

Shopping Cart

Our proprietary shopping cart features all of the elements and tools needed to transform your newly created design and product catalog into a fully functional ecommerce storefront, capable of accepting a variety of popular payment methods. Everything needed to checkout, accept payments, apply shipping or tax rules, customize, configure and manage orders are included in our shopping cart out of the box. As soon as your website is setup and products are available, you can begin using all of the shopping cart tools.

Built-In Marketing / SEO

Each built-in marketing and SEO tool helps to automate the process of attracting new potential buyers and are presented in clear, easy to follow steps, including instructions.

The administrative dashboard features several useful tools that are used to configure nearly all search engine optimization aspects for the site. The SEO tools are built-in, there is no setup required, each tool is ready and available, making the task of optimizing for search engines quick, easy and painless.

Dashboard Tools

The back-end administrator is home to all of the website configuration, management, marketing and other dashboard tools that are available to help you manage orders, perform customer service and promote your products or brand. By configuring different options, filling in data fields and rearranging page elements in the back-end, merchants can customize even more of the front end look and feel.

Custom Website Design

A custom themed website design will greet your shoppers upon entering the store, while the ease of use, product placement, and design layout help to make the buying experience simple and easy. Nearly all of the theme elements can be customized or created into a useful feature that appeals to both store visitors and search engines.

Additional Ecommerce Services

Additional ecommerce software services are available upon request and can be added Ala cart to any ChattoogaNET ecommerce package. The additional ecommerce services we offer are meant to compliment your package or fill any specific needs that weren't originally included within your package's core service offerings.

Specialized consulting, on-site training, high-end graphic/flash design and custom feature integration or functionality development are just a few of the additional services we offer to better help our clients on their path to ecommerce success.

Expert Help

We offer expert help and support with all ecommerce services. ChattoogaNET ecommerce software, although powerful by itself, is only part of the reason why our merchants are so successful. In addition, we employ technical support staff who work around the clock to make sure our clients are well trained, well educated and continue to reap all the benefits of our ecommerce services.

Each ChattoogaNET merchant receives training on how our tools are used, how ecommerce works and how search engines operate. The entire process is designed to arm our clients with vital information and tools to make their mark in the world of Online retail.

Our Ecommerce Difference

Experience the ChattoogaNET difference today and you'll soon realize what you're missing out on by selling on anything other than our platform. Whether you've been an Online merchant for months or years, you'll certainly be impressed with the features, functionality and ease of use offered in our complete ecommerce software service packages.

Our technology and tools make many of the most tedious, time consuming, typically difficult ecommerce tasks simple and easy through the power of advanced automation and training. Take a moment to shop and inquire with other ecommerce providers and then compare what they offer to the ChattoogaNET solution. The difference is clear, the difference is ChattoogaNET.