Marketing / SEO

Realize your web site potential

We currently use a variety of specific service aspects along with our proprietary ecommerce strategies and technical assistance to achieve the results our clients have come to expect. The power of our advanced ecommerce software, shopping cart technology, built-in marketing and SEO, custom web design and a dashboard packed full of tools that make managing your store a breeze. Our services will help you realize your potential for ecommerce success and improve your brand and product exposure.

ChattoogaNET's built-in marketing and SEO tools help to automate the process of attracting new potential buyers and are laid out in simple, easy to follow steps, including instructions.

The administrative dashboard features several useful tools needed to configure all search engine optimization aspects for the site. The SEO tools are built-in, there is no setup required, each tool is ready and available, making the task of optimizing for search engines quick, easy and painless.

Page Header Content

Unique meta data and header content is an important aspect in search engine marketing and optimization. These SEO tools also allow shoppers and potential buyers to easily identify which page they are on or what content they can expect to see when visiting any catalog, policy or landing page, which makes for great usability. With our powerful meta tag and page header manager, it is possible to create unique, targeted page titles, meta descriptions, meta keywords and any other meta tag or head element.

This feature is highly appreciated by ChattoogaNET clients who are interested in increasing ranking within the major search engines. It is a great way to target the most broad keywords all the way down to the most specific keywords within any industry, including long tail words and phrases. As with other tools we offer, the best results are achieved only when quality time and effort is spent learning how the tools work and any best practices surrounding the proper use and implementation of each one.

On-Page Optimization

All ChattoogaNET ecommerce websites come complete with several of the most important and useful on-page search engine optimization factors built-in and ready to use the instant any site launches. Many of these on-page factors are overlooked during the development and setup of a typical ecommerce store. With our flexible platform, there's no longer a need to worry about these factors let alone how to set them up or implement them yourself, the work is already complete and present on the site out of the box.

Leading search engines expect to see certain on-page factors when crawling URLs across your domain. If some or many of these techniques are not in place, it can greatly affect the ranking and placement of the site. At ChattoogaNET, we know what on-page factors are expected and take the time in the beginning to build them into your site. With this forward thinking approach, many of our clients are setup to succeed in search engines before the site ever launches.

URL Rewrites

Typically, many of the largest ecommerce companies sell on platforms that are dynamic and database driven, such as the sites we offer. The reasons for this vary, but mostly it's because ecommerce sites have more data and information to be stored or manipulated than an average, non-database driven website. One of the most common issues with dynamic sites is the way in which individual page URLs are structured and displayed in the browser address bar. They often include session IDs (equals signs and question marks) that are long, full of numeric data and are virtually unreadable to average users.

Due to the limitations, lack of usability and potential issues often caused by dynamic URLs, we have implemented special rewrites which give our clients the ability to sell on a dynamic platform without having to use dynamic URLs. Each ChattoogaNET website uses search engine friendly page locations that are semi-customizable and end in .HTML rather than a session ID. These improved URLs make it easier for search engines to crawl across the domain, are more attractive in search results, are easier to link to, easier to type, improves security and makes for great usability.

Landing Pages

Pages located outside of the ecommerce catalog that display different types information and content are considered to be landing pages or custom pages. Landing pages can be used to inform shoppers about upcoming specials, they can be used to deliver a message or display product information and can even be used to create custom pages that work in conjuncture with any other marketing or sponsored listing campaign.

ChattoogaNET landing pages are a great way to funnel shoppers into the site and through the checkout process. They can also come in extremely useful if there is a need to target specific words or phrases not found within the catalog content or products, such as long tail keywords. Examples of other types of landing pages our clients have created include FAQ pages, testimonial pages, how-to pages, articles, press stories, corporate information and many more. The possibilities are only limited by ones imagination.

Email Campaigns

Keeping in contact with customers and having the ability to communicate your messages in a professional, timely manner is an extremely important part of successful ecommerce. Invoices, order updates, customer service questions, promotions or specials and any other message you wish to communicate are just a few examples of potential points of contact. With our built-in email campaign manager and mailer program, our clients have the ability to send customized email messages to all or just a few of their registered store customers.

Our email manager allows ChattoogaNET website owners to keep in contact with users who have supplied an email address either by registering as a customer or by making a product purchase. Once the email has been recorded, the manager makes it easy to pick a contact recipient and send them a customized email message or request. It is also a great way to promote products by running your own targeted email campaigns.


A sitemap is simply a page or file that lists individual URL locations and optional alternate data about each page such as a title, description, date last modified, how important it is and rate at which the content changes. Alternate data is supplied by the webmaster or marketing company to provide hints about each page which helps users and search engines to navigate the site more intelligently. By using the ChattoogaNET dynamic sitemaps and sitemap generation tool, our client's content is always accessible to site visitors or search engine crawlers.

Our software automatically generates several sitemaps that are used to aid in the delivery and accessibility of content within the website. The HTML sitemaps are designed and offered on each page so that shoppers or visitors can quickly access any content without having to spend a ton of time searching for the page they want. In addition to the HTML sitemap, our ecommerce software also automatically generates several XML sitemaps separated by categories, products, tagged pages and finally the main sitemap index. The XML sitemaps are designed to update dynamically as you make changes and can be used in conjuncture with a few of our built-in marketing tools, including the sitemap pinging and autodiscovery features.

Shopping Engines

A typical comparison shopping engine is just like a normal search engine, except that instead of showing searchers everything on the Web, the results are limited to only show products or tangible goods that can be physically purchased Online. Google Product Search, Shopzilla and Yahoo Shopping are just a few shopping engines supported by our platform. Shopping sites are excellent alternative marketing channels capable of sending target visitors who are usually looking for exactly what you sell and since they are using a shopping site, it can usually be assumed they hope to buy.

The ChattoogaNET shopping engine and alternative marketplace tools are ready and available the moment the website launches and automates the entire process for each engine supported by our platform. This means our clients do not need to know programming, data feeds, or knowledge about FTP in order to use these powerful channel marketing features. Simply setup accounts with a few or all of the supported CSE's, pay any listing fees that are required by the engines and let our software do the rest of the work. Each time changes are made to the catalog, they are reflected in the feed files.

RSS Feeds

RSS is an acronym that stands for Really Simple Syndication, and is based off of XML programming. It is basically a file format and language that is ideal for transmitting data or sharing content quickly as it updates in real time across networks Online. RSS is used to distribute any data and other types of information from one place or website to another in a fast, efficient way. RSS is beneficial due to several reasons including it's light weight format, speed of delivery, feeds can be read in any RSS feed reader, users can subscribe to feeds and the data can be pulled and manipulated in a number of ways, depending on the specific needs of the feed publisher.

Our product catalog RSS feeds are generated automatically as product data is added or modified. The feeds are displayed in easy to recognize locations within the website using industry standard RSS feed icons. Our platform creates several different feeds including one that shows all the products in the catalog and individual feeds for each category or tagged page and are placed accordingly within the template structure. Each time a product is added or modified it appears at the top of the feed file for easy recognition by customers, or other users, who have subscribed to any catalog RSS feed.

Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking is the process of adding a favorite site or page to your browser favorites to re-visit later or save for personal reference. Social bookmarking is basically the same thing as adding a website you like to your browser favorites, except that rather than saving and re-accessing it from the browser, it is stored and available for access within your profile page on a site that can be accessed on any computer. Basically it's favorites that are stored on the Web for you to access and share with friends, colleagues or anyone else who may have similar interests.

ChattoogaNET website owners have the ability to display quick and easy social bookmarking links within their site layout and template theme. Some of the sites on the list include Delicious, Reddit, My Yahoo, Google and more. Now shoppers and visitors who aren't buying on the first visit have a simple way to save and store the products that interest them most, and chances are they already use one of the bookmarking services supported by our platform.

Social Tagging

Tagging is a simple way to identifying pages, documents or any other types of items that can be listed and viewed Online. The concept was first made popular with the birth of Web 2.0 and is most commonly found within social sites and blogs. ChattoogaNET clients use tagging to identify the different groups of products, materials, colors or brands listed within their ecommerce catalogs. Items are labeled using short, descriptive keywords, usually not as broad as the category names and not as specific as the individual product names. The descriptive words are then displayed attractively in a "cloud" type format within the theme.

Tag clouds are great for providing additional ways to find content for shoppers and existing customers, making for good usability and plenty of alternative ways to navigate. In addition, tag clouds are great for search engine optimization purposes as they generate more pages of content that have products on them all related to the same unique keyword tag. It's never a bad idea to offer more ways to find products, the tagging feature helps provide just that and more.

Marketing/SEO Tools

Many of our search engine marketing and SEO features can be setup, configured and customized from the administrative backend in order to enhance the performance of the website frontend in search engines and other alternative Online marketing channels.

The ChattoogaNET marketing and optimization tools give our merchants the power, freedom, flexibility and technology they need to aggressively compete within organic search engine results. Many of our marketing tools come fully automated, meaning you do nothing in order to reap the benefits. Other tools are semi-automated, meaning they can be used with the click of a button. All of our tools are featured within an intuitive user interface and are easy to learn and implement, no matter the level of skill.

Expert Help

Our Online marketing and search engine optimization experts are ready and available to assist past, present or future ecommerce clients with the training, setup, configuration, maintenance and anything else related to implementing our industry leading marketing and SEO tools. We provide hands-on training, support and help from beginning to end during each and every phase of our process. With the support and assistance of our expert staff members, you're sure to be up and ranking in search engines and well on your way to successful ecommerce selling in no time.